Saturday, 13 December 2014

Revenge Recommends: "Second Skin" by The Chameleons

The bass rumble and chiming, echoey guitars of Manchester post-punkers the Chameleons captured in the band's glory days in 1984 at the Camden Palace, followed by a short product placement for Ribena.

Preview: Tina Egan

Irish-born vocalist Tina Egan in conjunction with songwriter/ producer Brian Marshall has written more than an album's worth of tunes, four of which feature on a demo tape currently kicking around the business.

Album Review: Iron Maiden, "The Final Frontier"

You could never accuse Iron Maiden of selling out. So loyal are they to their roots and riff structures that they've taken the meat of their origins and developed it into a symphony of staggering conceptual brilliance.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Album Review: Simple Minds, "Big Music"

Ever since their fledgling days in late 70's Glasgow, Simple Minds have always had a restless quality at the heart of their music. In the post-punk musical landscape of that era, it was the propulsive bass lines of Derek Forbes that dominated their off-kilter but curiously engaging mix of avant-garde krautrock that soon bloomed into the shimmering, transcendant romanticism of New Gold Dream, which in turn led to the thunderous, harder edged clatter of Sparkle In The Rain, and culminated in their commercial peak, with the polished glamour of the arena-friendly rock of Once Upon A Time.

Big Music, their 16th album, draws a lot upon their past glories, but for the most part does so wisely and effectively, sometimes with stunning aplomb. They embrace their past whilst looking ahead, and this alchemy of sound and attitude has arguably created their best album in 30 years.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Preview: Ornette Coleman, Japan, 2006

Some jazz legends have a big impact at the time, but as the years pass their influence gradually diminishes until it is forgotten. This is not the case with alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman, coming to Japan for his first series of concerts here in 20 years. In that time his influence has continued to grow, not only within jazz, but also among avant rock musicians, including the likes of Mars Volta, Japan's own Date Course Pentagon Royal, and even the mighty Radiohead.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Album Review: Liquid Jesus, "Pour In The Sky"

From the opening track Intro which has opera singers' ethereal voices floating over a hypnotic chant and digeridoos, it is obvious LIQUID JESUS is not your typical LA glam-styled offering.

They are a band who have absorbed a tremendous variety of sounds and influences from the late '60s and '70s and mixed it in with a sprinkling of the college/ alternative weirdness that bands like JANE'S ADDICTION paved the way for. Not that LIQUID JESUS sound like JANE'S ADDICTION, although both bands started their careers on Triple X Records.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Live Review: Marillion, The Astoria, 7th November, 1989

The Kings of London Town

Steve Hogarth: smell the gloves.

There was a time when no-one could have conceived a Marillion without Fish. However, the inevitable happened and he left the band for pastures 'greener.' Tonight's show could therefore be construed as a hallmark in modern rock history. Many an act would have easily called it a day after such events, but in Marillion's case that was not to be. Sheer determination and hard work resulted in the release of Season's End in September, featuring the vocal talents of new boy Steve Hogarth.

One can imagine how he must have felt at this, his first major British gig!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The True Story of U2’s Shockingly Bad “Songs of Innocence” Cover Image

You will have heard by now that U2’s latest album was forced on the public by being made a compulsory download on iTunes, and that it sounds like a fart. But how can the extremely disturbing image on the cover be explained?

For industry insiders like myself, alas, it is no mystery. We have always known how the record business works: It's not about what you pluck and blow – it’s about who you fuck and blow! And for this album to get released enough blowing to fill an extremely large hot-air balloon was required.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Album Review: Black Mountain "Wilderness Heart"

Canadian five-piece Black Mountain play bluesy rock that veers from a hard and heavy (but always warmly fuzzy) sound to something more sun-dappled and folkish. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Revenge Recommends: "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin live at Earl's Court Arena, London on Sunday, May 25, 1975, with an extended and at times jazzy version of their song No Quarter, released on their 1973 album Houses of the Holy.