Album Review: Pet Shop Boys "Release"

After the rush to write them off as has-beens occasioned by their last, dreadful album, it's good to see the Pet Shop Boys haven't lost any of their characteristic insouciance. They are still the band least likely to shout, "Hey Tokyohhh!!!" when here on tour. With the release of the ironically-titled Release they hit back with a much improved collection of clinical, cynical pop tunes delivered in Neil Tennant's usual deadpan voice. Up to track six, the tedious techno-influenced The Samurai in Autumn, the melodic hooks are so strong that you can amuse yourself by playing a game of 'Spot the Single' and easily get it wrong. They even let the deadpan mask slip a little with the stirring strains of Love is a Catastrophe, but how serious can they really be with the record coming out of April Fool’s Day?

Colin Liddell
Tokyo Journal
April, 2004
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