Album Review: Drive She Said, "Drivin' Wheel"

Imaginatively entitled Drivin' Wheel, this is the American AOR band DRIVE SHE SAID's debut album. As I figured it was drivin' music, babe, I got the old Skoda out, popped said opus in my antiquated mono tape deck and drove around Islington with the wind in my hair and the my hair in my face, to try to recreate that cruisin' down Sunset Boulevard feelin', babe.

The opening track is always important to kick-start a record, y'know, get the acceleration going. But Think of Love only succeeded in making me think where I'd left my sunglasses. As for the title track, that's a little tougher and less predictable but...

As the songs drove by, I sussed that this was all a little formulised, y'know, pristine production, a ballad here, a mid-tempo there, an up-tempo rocker... Still When You Love Someone, one of the ballad types, had me all dewy-eyed and reminiscing about the last girl who chucked me. I liked the breathy female backing vocals too. Oh, there's also a cover of FREE's Can't Get Enough and a competent enough version too...but is that enough?

The flip side is a little more promising. The uptempo Veil of Tears, despite the 'Woah a-oh!' bits, is quality street American AOR. It's Gonna Take a Miracle is reminiscent of AOR kings FOREIGNER, which is no bad thing and the catchy It Just Keeps Coming effectively showcases gutsy vocals.

OK, so this ain't my type of drivin' music and it doesn't come close to pulling my heart strings but I suppose it makes for pleasant listening on a Summer's day. Although it'd help if there was a dusky brunette in the passenger seat next to me! GRADE C+

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
October 1991
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