The Fly Column: Clash of the Punks

Green Day's Billy Jo was over in London recently on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Punk. Billy was also here to seek inspiration for his band's next album and to "soak up those cool London street vibes." Unfortunately the omly thing Billy boy soaked up was a flurry of punches by a middle-aged man in Notting Hill Gate. It seems our green US Punk bumped into one of his heroes Joe Strummer, once the mainman with legendary Punk rockers The Clash, and somehow mistook the great man for a London tramp. The Story goes that Billy thrust a pound into the Strummer's hand and said, "Here, go and buy something to eat, you poor, old bastard. It must be tough surviving on the mean streets at your age!" Strummer took exception to these remarks and proceeded to beat BJ to a bloody pulp. From his hospital bed BJ had no comment to make on the incident!

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