The Fly Column: Mr Sincerity... Jon Bon Jovi

Climbing up a window pane the other day, a sudden thought struck me: "How does Jon Bon Jovi manage to say the same thing to a different audience every other night, i.e. "You're the best audience we've ever played to..." and still sound sooo sincere!? Naturally I found out that the answer is sincerity pills, sadly not available at your local chemist and only available to the very rich and the very famous. In fact the pills recently came in very handily for Mr. Jovi offstage when he had to explain to Richie Sambora why a pair of unwashed knickers belonging to Sambora's wife, Heather Locklear, were stuffed in his back pocket. Needless to say, Jon's explanation was a tissue of lies but so oozed sincerity that the guitarist apologized repeatedly to Jon for even mentioning it!

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