Preview: Hope n' Glory

HOPE N' GLORY are a quartet from Madingley. The boys in the band are Richie Van Jupp (on lead vocals/ lead guitar), Marty Dickson (bass), Jimi Miller (lead guitar), and the oddly named Furf Hammersley (drums). The band have a demo tape out, which contains 6 songs. They're a fairly tight, solid band and they sound very much influenced by the UK hard rock style, although there is just a hint of Thin Lizzy and one song, Hope And Glory reminds me a little of The Almighty. Van Jupp's vocals are powerful and he has a rich timbre to his voice. Their twin guitar attack gives them plenty of diversity, i.e. chunky riffs, fluid guitar breaks and buzz saw noise. I particularly liked one song Aryagedinenuf, with its big, lusty chorus. Promising stuff! For more information contact Maddingley (0954) 211771 or (0954) 210357.

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
July 1990
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