Album Review: The Black Crowes, "Shake Your Money Maker"

America's answer to the Q'boys and the Dogs, I was excited to get this one and crank it up. Umm, they cook with the same ingredients as the aforementioned, but they come up with a dish much closer to the flavour of the originals than either of our favourite sons have managed. If it wasn't for the fact that Chris Robinson has a voice and a half this could be a Stones album, but that's no bad thing as the Stones aren't making proper Stones albums these days.

From the first time you hear the opening chords of Twice as Hard you know exactly what you're going to get. That much overused phrase "goodtime bar room boogie" leaps to mind. I reckon the best toons are Struttin' Blues and Seeing Things, but they're all great songs so you'll all have your own faves. I think to really appreciate the band you've got to see them live cos that's where this kind of thing is at its best, and I don't doubt that 10 out of 10 will be the verdict after the show. So what if it's only a law suit away from Mick and Keef, it's only rock n' roll and I like it.

There's nothing new or challenging about this record, but why should there be? You can put this on and know you can listen to it all the way through, maybe sing along, maybe dance a little, and the chances are when it's all over you'll put the needle back to the beginning of side one. (7/10)

Simon Robinson
Riff Raff
June, 1990

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