Album Review: The Infectious Grooves, "The Plague That Makes Your Body Move...It's The Infectious Grooves"

What do Mike Muir and Robert Trujillo of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Stephen Perkins of JANE'S ADDICTION and OZZY OSBOURNE all have in common? Simple, they all make up the potent brew that is THE INFECTIOUS GROOVES (although in OZZY's case, it's a brief guest appearance).

Appropriately named, so they are, as the fun and groove-o-meter is pretty high throughout. The Groovies imaginatively combine steely-edged hardcore with blistering Funk on such memorably titled songs as Stop Funking With My Head, You Lie And Your Breath Stank, and, a variation on a theme, Infesta Groovalistic. Elsewhere the manic Therapy sees old OZZY making his, er, contribution.

A humorous little theme runs through the record's talky bits. Now some of you may find talky bits generally irritating but I doubt if that'll be the case here. It concerns a character named one Aladdin...blah, blah...something or other Jackson de Turd (!), 'the world renowned reptilian lover with his hit single (?) Whipped Cream, who comes to audition with the Groovie. Yup, you'll be coming all over yourselves with laughter!

I'd recommend this to anyone who's sick of formulised rock. It'd make a cool party type record but it's more than just a novelty album. Can't be bad, can it?

One infection certainly worth succumbing to.

Grade B

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
October 1991
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