Interview: Lee Dorian, Cathedral

Cathedral's latest album The Ethereal Mirror signals a watershed for the whole Doom Metal genre. Why? Because Columbia Records has signed them to a deal Stateside.

"There's only so long that this sort of music can stay underground," reasons vocalist Lee Dorian. "Major labels couldn't ignore it anymore."

The recording of the album wasn't without friction. Using a producer for the first time caused problems.

"Every idea we had, he had the opposite. There was ground in the middle where he could bring out stuff in us we didn't know we had, but the middle ground took a lot of getting to 'cos we were arguing constantly."

Lee does see a beneficial effect though.

"I think the tension that was building up added to the sound as it made us feed off each other's energies."

The lyrics are Mr. Dorian's domain.

"There's no overall theme. Fountain of Innocence is about going back to being really young when you have these great expectation which disappoint once you've experienced them. Enter The Worms is a study of suicide. You've got to be aware of what death is to give yourself a better understanding of what life is all about."

Talk then turns to the recent uprising of the excessively violent Satanic bands in Norway.

"Where were they when Venom were going? You can say that about Sabbath and us but I think we have a far better understanding of what Sabbath were about. It's just shock tactics with that music. We're far more genuine. It's what naturally comes out."

Lee does make the concession that "there's obvious comparisons in our music."

With the scope of rock music becoming increasingly broader, Cathedral could be just the band to open up the doors for a widespread underground invasion.

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
August 1993
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