Video Review: Van Halen, "Right Here, Right Now"

If you've bought the audio of Right Here, Right Now don't expect what you're getting here to be the same. You won't find Roth classics like Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Panama, or the modern melodic meat of Dreams and Love Walks In. In contrast, the celluloid format pails in insignificance to the depth and grandeur of it's audio counterpart.

Shot over two nights it attempts to give VH more of a harder, upfront appraoch by its choice of material, although the obligatory solos could have been shortened in favour of those original missing links. On a positive note, though, it does capture the live VH in much better light than its 1986 predecessor Live Without A Net. Despite my reservations, the camera work is faultless and gives that pan-stadium feel, just as if you were there. My advice is, buy the whole shabang and blow yer fuses!Grade B

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
June 1993

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