Interview: Marky Edelmann, Coroner

Coroner are a band whose music defies categorization. Grin maintains this legacy of avant-garde excellence.

"The problem is that we put together many different styles. People should listen to the music and make their own opinions. What we're basically trying to do is experiment with various styles," explains Marky.

It comes as no surprise that the writing occurs through long jams.

"We play for hours and the songs just evolve," expands the drummer. Grin was also self-produced.

A welcome relief in listening to Coroner is their lack of lyrical sexism, that is if you can discern Ron Royce's guttural vocals!

"We hated the cliched things," elaborates Marky. "We tried to go a different way, even in the covers. I don't like just telling a story. It leaves it more open for the listener."

Among the proficient musicianship are integrated varied effects.

"We like to experiment with effects which makes it really interesting."

Playing live, though, is completely different.

"There are more important things when we play live. We like to have the power and a communication between the crowd and the band so it wouldn't make any sense to have synths as that would be disruptive."

What helps give cornoner their varied sound is their many influences. Take Serpent Moves and its Rush overtones for example.

"Ron is really into Rush and so is Tom, but I'm not at all," laughs Marky. "We're three really different guys and we all listen to different bands which all bring different influences to our music."

And on the title of Grin...

"To grin means that maybe you know something others don't. It's a strange thing and can also be an evil thing," finalises Marky with a wicked, er, grin!

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
August 1993

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