Video Review: Guns N' Roses, "Makin' F@*!ING VIDEOS"

Vol. 1 - Don't Cry
Vol. 2 - November Rain

Given the complexities of the story lines when these two tunes were adapted for videos, it's something of a relief to have them explained. Each title gives the low down on all aspects of the Guns' celluloid capers, both volumes are interesting and informative in their detailing of the Guns' legacy, both historical and present.  November Rain is the more straight-forward of the pair. I say this because I still haven't fathomed the rhyme n'reasons behind Don't Cry. What the latter does explain is Axl's infamous mood-wings. After all, as Kermit once sang, "It ain't easy being gree!"

Grade B+

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
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