Album Review: Annihilator, "Set The World On Fire"

Annihilator were never a band that appealed to my well-grounded melodic ears, up until now that is. Set The World On Fire is fresh and invigorating, lyrically compelling, and musically interesting, although still retaining a disconcerting thrash ideology. Guitarist and production guru Jeff Waters has taken the Annihilator vehicle on to the 'mainstream' highway and given them direction. The angst-ridden verbosity of Snake In The Grass spits of lyrical frustration, while the uplifting strains of Phoenix Rising and Sounds Good To Me are tunefully tinged to the point of sounding AOR. Annihilator touch on both sides of the coin that gives STWOF a sound edge that cuts above anything they've done before. Mr Waters & Co. have created a little monster of an album that sets the fuse for something more explosive. Grade B+

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
July, 1993
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