Album Review: New Model Army, "The Love of Hopeless Causes"

NMA defy categorization with relish. Their music fuses elements of rock with folk, whilst nodding frequently at their defiant indie roots. Today Justin Sullivan is no less angry. 

The lyrics to Here Comes The War and Believe It throw his frustrations straight in your face. And if ever the disadvantaged lacked a rallying cry My People begs to be chosen. 

Using a style that approaches narrative and almost never rhymes, Sullivan speaks to the listener with commanding intensity. Deceptively simple, at times unexpectedly beautiful, The Love Of Hopeless Causes strides purposefully along atop Robert Heaton's crisp, uncluttered drumming. Personally I find Causes so exciting because NMA steadfastly refuse to become musically overindulgent. 

Lyn Guy
Riff Raff
June 1993
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