Album Review: Duff McKagan's Loaded, "The Taking"

The world is much better disposed towards Duff McKagan than it is to his old, megalomaniac mucker Axl Rose. The no-holds-barred, rough n' ready rock n' roll/metal/punk hybrid direction the ex-G N’R bassist is exploring with his band Loaded (in which he plays guitar and sings) is well primed to detonate. At times sounding like The Ramones and Black Sabbath's 'bitching' brother, and with plenty of punk touches, The Taking offers a dark, dense, aural texture and a swaggering self-satisfying vibe. With the basic riffs worked out on the band’s last big world tour and then rushed into the studio, the songs have a splurging urgency, but that 'refreshing' energy clearly needs to be harnessed and shaped more. When it is - as with the snarling menace of Executioner's Song and the effervescent Dead Skin - greatness beckons!

Colin Liddell
Rock iKon
18th May, 2011
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