Album Review: Winger, "Pull"

Winger have toughened up. Pull sports a harder, crunchier riffing edge than its predecessor In The Heart Of The Young which spawned the AOR sob of Miles Away. They've taken their notes and produced an album that reflects the infestation of angst-ridden rock n' roll. Pull infuses this attitude into the Winger psyche while retaining a strong core around which is built a diverse mantle of songs interjecting more up-front harsher material such as Junkyard Dog (Tears On Stone) with trad Winger anthems ala Spell I'm Under and The Lucky One, whilst the acoustically tinged Blind Revolution Mad, Who's The One and the pulsating Down Incognito give another slant to their newfound groove.  Grade A

Mark Crampton/ Riff Raff/ July 1993
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