Photo: Namie Amuro

This photo of the Japaense pop idol Namie Amuro was taken at the inaugural MTV Japan Video Music Awards on the 24th of May, 2002. The guy with her is husband "Sam" (Masaharu Maruyama) from the band TRF. They divorced two months later.

Amuro was Japan's biggest-selling music star in the late 90s with hits like Chase The Chance, Sweet 19 Blues, Don't Wanna Cry, and Can We Celebrate? She was also highly influential on the fashions of the time, with her suntanned babyfaced island girl look - she was from Okinawa - having a big impact on the heavily suntanned kogyaru fashions of the time.

By 2002 her career was on the slide, but her attendance at the inaugural MTV Japan awards was considered essential. She was accordingly rewarded for turning up with the "Inspiration" award. In recent years, she has made a slight comeback with her heavily R n' B-influenced dance pop.

Photo: C.B.Liddell
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