Revenge Recommends: "Winter In The Blood" by The Waterboys

This is a demo version of a song written for The Waterboys' classic 1985 album, This Is The Sea. In spite of its quality, the song wasn't included on the album or subsequent albums, possibly because the next Waterboys album, Fisherman's Blues, saw a radical change in style.

The lyrics are as folllows:

There was a man who swore blind
that he could save me from dying
that he could cure all my pain
Just my luck he was lying

When he raised up his arms
said watch me summon the flood
Only one thing he brought to me
winter in the blood

Now you're reaping my harvest
Now you're treading my field
Now you turn the flesh of my mother
into your pressures and your wheels

You have treated my women
with hands that were rough
seeded my children with
winter in the blood

So what can you show me
what will you do
to make me believe
I'm the same kind of animal as you?

Did you think that if you laugh with me
that that would be enough?
Only one thing you gave me
Hey winter in the blood

So where will you go now
What deeds will you do
What tunnels and doorways
will you find your way through?

I wrote this song for you
Still it ain't enough
The one thing I owe you for
winter in the blood
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