Live Review: Blind Melon, Milton Keynes Bowl, 29th May, 1993

I like Blind Melon. Their debut album isn't so much about distinctive songs. It's more about a free-flowing vibe; a superior sort of background music, sprinkling a hint of Jane's Addiction, jazz/folk strains, and trippy rock sounds.

Seeing them at a small club prior to this event, they came across dandily enough, but the odds were always stacked against them under the grey leaden skies of this sprawling Bowl, mainly filled by a sea of impatient and fresh-faced G N' R fans.

Lacking the simple dynamic focus of a meat-and-potatoes 'rawk' band, their offbeat eccentricity and subtlety wilted on the big stage and encountered only mass indifference, including mine. The potential's there, although I suggest you listen to them in intimate surroundings. And a reefer would help too!

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
September, 1993
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