Album Review, Soundgarden, "Badmotorfinger"

Seattle's premier sub-poppers go one step beyond Louder Than Love with an album that is sure to elevate them higher and open up a wider audience beyond the indie metalite.

Badmotorfinger is heavier, harder, and more direct than anything before and has a gutsy originality absent among so many mirrors in the market place. Sure they sound like SABBATH at times but they still reveal a refreshing approach to each individual song and create some of the best noises around. Looping guitars, crashing shuddering swirls, unrelenting riffs, and fuzzed out madness all help to make the perfect cross between off-the-wall hard edge and explosive force.

Some of the songs aren't that hot but with Chris Cornell's voice in a class of its own, he always manages to save the day. Drawing Flies and Room A Thousand Years Wide edge it as the best cuts and as they rip into my speakers to remind me that Badmotorfinger is an album of lasting quality, I know SOUNDGARDEN fans will be heavily in favour and savour the meaner mood.

Grade B

Mike Harris
Riff Raff
October 1991
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