Album Review, Aerosmith, "Get A Grip"

Three songs in this album don't look too promising. Good by most bands' standards, average by Aerosmith's, despite their distinctive bubbling groove and the biting satire of Eat The Rich. Get A Grip, lads!

The situation is remedied by Living On The Edge, seen by some as a strange single choice, but it's a well conceived, serious song, given a subtle slant by unorthodox vocals and some searing, dynamic guitar work by messers Tyler and Perry. It wouldn't be the 'Smiths' if a fair proportion of their songs weren't about sex, and, true to form, the likes of the sinewy Flesh, Shut Up Dance, and especially the Eastern tinged Gotta Love It, which comes on like the Beatles with a hard on, do wet the appetite. There are a few ballads here such as Crazy, co-written with Desmond Child, and a bit of a syrupy, cliched 50s thing with rock trimmings. But it's the sweeping soul-wringing climax of Amazing that gets the tear ducts flowing. Get A Grip, though lacking the sparkle and character of Pump, keeps their star burning brightly.
Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
June, 1993
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