Album Review, Glenn Hughes, "Blues"

Although not the groundbreaking record people might expect, Glenn Hughes Blues does have its moments when "The Voice" takes off into his own magical world. I'm The Man, You Don't Have To Save Me Anymore, Life Of Misery, and the enigmatic ballad So Much To Give showcase it at its peak.

For Hughes the down-to-earth cries of Can't Take Away My Pride and Right To Live are exorcisms that he 'can control' and a springboard for his considerable solo talents. For Trapeze fans, especially, the album holds many gems. Here Comes the Rebel and Shake The Ground both have that energised trio funk swagger which were their trademark. In fact, because of its honesty Blues is probably Hughes' most direct work to date and a definite introduction to the man with the golden larynx.

Grade B+

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
June 1993
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