Revenge Recommends: "Our Kindergarten Teacher" by North Korean Children

North Korean communism may be extremely inept at simple agricultural production, resulting in frequent food shortages and even starvation, but in terms of infant training they are obviously light years ahead of the capitalist West as this medley of vaguely Russian-sounding tunes grouped together under the title "Our Kindergarten Teacher" proves.

It is hard to estimate the ages of the child prodigies involved, and, indeed, it is well-known that Oriental children develop later than European, Middle Eastern, South Asian, or African children, and that growth and maturity can also be delayed by malnutrition, but who could doubt that these little maestros are all under ten and may very well be kindergarten kids, although the lack of openness in North Korean society means that we can never be sure.

Colin Liddell
The Revenge of Riff Raff
29th January, 2012
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