Album Review, Marc Bolan, "Anthology"

I could have done this review in three words really. "It's Fuckin' Brilliant," but unfortunately the Editor usually requires something a bit more in depth. So…

Anthology is a three-disc set containing sixty six classic songs. That's approx. 205 minutes playing time. From the early days, Debora still sounds as fresh and vibrant as did the day it was recorded. The Tolkienesque Knight and Iscariot have that haunting surreality that only Bolan could achieve.

Elemental Child has lost none of its urgency. By the time we reach the sexual Rip Off Bolan has all but left his acoustic days behind him and is rocking out with the best of them.

The Singles A covers the period between 1970 and 1973 when Marc dominated the charts. This was a rich time for Marc. Classics like Get It On and Jeepster, Metal Guru and Telegram Sam inspired the Glam Rock movement that is still with us today! The brilliantly tongue-in-cheek Children Of The Revolution, they’re all here. BOLAN, as the King of Glam, would have appreciated the irony of 20th Century Boy being used to promote jeans!

Glam Rock To Fast Punk takes us from the sensual 1972 masterpiece The Spider LP through to what was to be sadly Bolan’s last studio album Dandy In The Underworld. Bolan is more experimental here, now producing himself and constantly changing the line-up within T-REX. It's only with hindsight we can fully appreciate the genius of BOLAN as a man ahead of his time. Rabbit Fighter is a laid-back sensual number. Left Hand Luke from Tanx is Godlike. You only have to listen to songs like Venus Loon, Solid Baby, and Calling All Destroyers to understand his influence on Punk Rock.

The reason this collection works so well is because the compilers come across as genuine fans of the great man’s music, and not just looking to cash in on yet another revival of interest in MARC BOLAN. BOLAN remains as he always was totally unique, a man who has successfully carved his own niche in an industry full of individuals.

An inspiration to us all. Grade A plus

Billy Kulke
Riff Raff
January 1992
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