Album Review, Prong, "Prove You Wrong"

Prove You Wrong is New York trio PRONG's second offering on a major label. In all honesty, I know nothing of their previous work either on an independent or a major. To describe their style without regurgitating limp, jaded genre classifications is difficult. Let’s say they’re left of field Thrash/ Hardcore.

This is by no means a bad record, but somehow this dense, grinding music leaves this particular palate a darker shade of grey. It probably helps if you're pissed off and under-25 to connect with this urban angst.

Occasionally sparks fly as on the distorted Rap-tinged attack of the title track, even though that song stutters and gets stuck in a rut, as opposed to a groove. In a superficial sense (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) seems sharper and more immediate. Until you realise it's a cover of a STRANGLERS song: a lacklustre and plodding cover at that.

They say a lot of things that are good for you are not appetizing and vice versa of course. Perhaps, but this offering fails to either tickle my taste buds or clear the toxic waste out of my system. Prove You Wrong might not make you sick but it could give you indigestion/ constipation. Grade C

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
January 1992
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