Album Review: Richard Marx, "Rush Street"

This album is like a million pound car with every accessory you can imagine, bar one essential part – the engine.

I’m telling ya, there is no soul in this record whatsoever. I mean it's got a great production and the playing is to the highest standard, etc., etc. But that's about it.

The artistic line-up appearing on it is quite stunning: Tommy Lee turns up playing drums on Streets Of Pain, a bit of a basher, with the very distinctive sound of Steve Lukather hurling itself around like a wasp with an attitude problem.

The we have BILLY JOEL turning up on I Get No Sleep, with again the ever impressive Stevie on git, along with one of the most incredible drummers I’ve ever seen, Terry Bozzio. This is another up-tempo kangaroo with the added colour of a soulish backing vocal provided by Cheryl Lynn and Cindy Mizelle.

A mere smattering of what's been going on. We have LUTHER VANDROSS warbling, Nathan East twanging his bass with remarkable dexterity, and Jeff Pocaro crackin' a few sticks now and again. But enough astrology!

The first single to wiggle free was the totally irritating Keep Coming Back. Believe me, it's like toothache. But there's always Your World. Goo! You don’t really need me to expand, do you? Hazard is full of delicate plucking around and a chorus that will have you humming.

God, I’m bored. Can I go now?
Grade D
Peter Grant
Riff Raff
January 1992
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