Album Review: Queensrÿche, "Dedicated To Chaos"

With their 12th studio album, Queensrÿche continue to push boundaries and explore new musical territories whilst retaining an 'unmistakeable' musical identity. With its stripped down arrangement, opener Get Started would not have sounded out of place on Empire, however, any thoughts that this might be an early 90's retro trip are dispelled the moment track two Hot Spot Junkie kicks in with a modern industrial vibe.

The Pink Floyd influenced closer Big Noize is a particular highlight and the perfect counterpoint to heavier cuts such as At The Edge. Kelly Gray's top notch production features Eddie Jackson's intricate bass runs and Scott Rockenfield's drums high in the mix, creating at times a dance-like groove that might come as something of a shock to long-time fans. That said, the band's trademark 'big rock' sound remains intact!

Christopher Franklin
21st June, 2011
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