Album Review: The BulletBoys, "Za-Za"

It might be a case of too little too late for the US dick rockers. Ridiculed in the past for being the poor man's Van Halen, circa Dave Lee Roth, they have tried to move on. Mine is full of that soulful, Motown feel. Whilst the flamenco-tinged For The Damned and Laughing With The Dead are both decent, gutsy rock n' roll tunes. But everything else here just blurs and falls into a stagnant pool of stompin' n' squealin' histrionics. Yup, the flashy party rock syndrome. New Model Army once said that "Only Stupid Bastards Take Heroin." I say, only stupid bastards buy Bulletboys. Grade D

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
August 1993
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