Album Review: Whitesnake, "Forevermore"

Rumours pertaining to the death of David Coverdale's voice have been greatly exaggerated. A few bars into swaggering opener Steal Your Heart Away and it's plain that the old boy still has 'it'. Rockers All Out Of Luck and Love Will Set You Free show that the wily frontman has rediscovered the bluesy formula which made his name. Ballads Easier Said Than Done and Fare Thee Well evoke memories of 1987, Cov's voice exuding a throaty ambience akin to Rod Stewart in his prime. While much will be made of the title track (an epic crescendo of rock which draws comparisons with Coverdale/Page) the stand out to these ears is the country tinged lament to times past One Of These Days. This album isn't the sound of this 'Snake shedding its skin, Forevermore is more akin to an old bird coming home to roost and enjoying every minute of it!

Joe Mackett
Rock iKon
28th March, 2011

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