Album Review: Michael Monroe, "Sensory Overdrive"

Hindsight's a wonderful thing, especially if you can remember enough to manifest the best into a 'Sensory Overdrive' of rock n' roll memories. From the heyday of London's St Moritz club and a 100+ other dives in the early 1980s, there was much for Hanoi Rocks to tuck away somewhere at the back of those frazzled minds. Now is the time Mike Monroe has chosen to draw on all that wonderful depravity. Ginger's influence as co-songwriter, co-singer and guitarist is abundantly evident (the Ginger/Monroe collusion works like some kind of dangerous chemistry). But let's not forget Sami Yaffa, Steve Conte and Karl Rockfest to push that electrifying rapport to the max, and even Lemmy (who appears right at the end rasping his way through Debauchery As A Fine Art). The Renaissance has just begun - stand back and enjoy the Fireworks!

Pippa Lang
Rock iKon
14th March, 2011
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