The Fly: The Groupie Column

Following the success of our now legendary Payola Column (we got a postal order for 50p), The FLY brings all you horny rock chicks out there the Groupie Column.

You know yourself the hassles you face in your attempts to achieve a romantic rendezvous with your idols: roadies who trade backstage passes at the price of your maidenly virtue; drummers pissed-off because the only skin they're likely to see is on their drums; and finally the superstars themselves with memory spans comparable to a goldfish.

But never fear the FLY is here! Now you can cut out all the backstage bullshit simply by sending me a recent photo of yourself, along with your phone number. The FLY then undertakes to personally deliver your details to your chosen Rock Stud.

Riff Raff
December 1993
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