Live Review: All About Eve, Royal Albert Hall, 10th April, 1990

One Enchanted Eve’ning

It’s a stage adorned by the greatest orchestras of the world, its seats graced by royalty. But tonight, All About Eve reign supreme at the Royal Albert Hall! It seemed that a magic was at work, as the Eves captivated their audience and made this one performance no one would forget in a hurry.

As the lights went down, and dry ice shrouded the stage, the Eves walked on, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The 18-song set began with Drowning, showing a sparkle of magic! Tim Bricheno, shining through on guitar as ever, combined with the skill of Mark Price on drums and Andy Cousin on bass, provided Julianne Regan with a strong backing from which she could launch herself with confidence.

Wild Hearted Woman was next up, and as confetti fluttered from every direction, Julianne's face said more than she could ever hope to say in words. There was no place she would rather have been tonight than out here entertaining the fans.

Andy Cousin was nothing short of perfection in Candy Tree.

A touch more magic was added as Tuesday's Child was next. Full appreciation must be credited to the brilliant violinist whose fiddle was charged with vibrancy!

After this Never Promise Anyone Forever and What Kind Of Fool provided a reminder of the All About Eve album which helped launch the Eves' success. No sound from the audience dared to destroy the "special song" (as Julianne put it) which followed: Scarlet had the crowd captivated! The shimmering Gold And Silver was next up, and followed by Every Angel, a favourite with all present, a united spirit was entered. No one worried what they looked like, arms flung everywhere as they chanted along. What a great way to show that having a good time was what tonight was all about.

A hypnotic feel surrounded the next song as All About Eve sailed into Martha's Harbour. For the duration of the song nothing mattered but the quality of Julianne's voice and Tim's skill on guitar. Flower's In Our Hair and In The Meadow were the highlights of the evening, as Tim and Andy entered a fierce guitar battle which made me wonder where all their energy came from!

As the Eves left the stage, the applause was astounding. "More" was the audience cry, and that was precisely what they got.

The first encore consisted of the ecstatic Road To Your Soul and Paradise. Again cheers accompanied the band as they departed. Once again the Eves returned with Our Summer which had nearly everyone out of their seats jubilantly joining in the chorus.

Our Summer had been special in ending the show tonight, as Julianne dedicated it to the fans! All About Eve had provided a performance to delight and entertain.

Judy Lawley
Rif Raff
June 1990

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