Live Review: Mötley Crüe, Wembley Arena, 2nd November, 1989

Mötley Crüe are back 'kickin' ass' in the UK! Following the release of their long-awaited album entitled Dr. Feelgood the Crüe were back where the Girls Girls Girls tour left off, for the second of two sell-outs at Wembley Arena.

The Los Angeles 'hellraisers' blasted into live action with Kickstart My Heart from the new album followed hot on the heels by Red Hot, In The Name Of Rock n' Roll, Rattlesnake Shake, and Too Young To Fall In Love. Vince Neil jumped around the stage like an Olympic athlete as he taunted and teased the excited crowd with his gymnastics. His flirty 'f**k you' attitude only served to enhance his presence as he proceeded to drive the crowd even wilder!

It was material from Dr. Feelgood which mainly dominated the set, although only in quantity. Pre- Theatre Of Pain Crüe classics such as Livewire and the weighty clout of Shout At The Devil knocked 'em for six. Charismatic drummer Tommy Lee of course enhanced proceedings by dropping his black panties before the audience.

New ditties such as Slice Of Your Pie and S.O.S. blasted the bins out of the PA while prime oldies like Smoking In the Boys Room, Home Sweet Home, and the motorcycle rock of Wild Side and Girls Girls Girls threw the band into full throttle.

Everyone looked on in awe as Tommy Lee thrashed out a dynamic drum solo. His mechanised apparatus turning the 'stixman' through various 'kamikaze' spins defying all probability! This was one 'helluva solo'!

Bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars displayed their wares well throughout the set with various degrees of musical flash. The make-up may have gone but the 'crazy' spirit of the Crüe hasn't changed at all!

Looks That Kill was soulfully smacked out as the quartet dodged and danced the many stage divers who were thrown at them.

Encoring with Helter Skelter and the latest chart-topper Dr. Feelgood, the Crüe attempted to 'blow the roof off' aided by the frantic crowd. As the band were joined by their celebrity guests – White Lion, Skid Row, and Lemmy (!) – a rock n' roll party was brought to a fitting end courtesy of Jailhouse Rock.

Vince and the guys were 'loud n' proud' as they took to the Wembley wings knowing that they has won over their British fans after the debacle of their last UK dates. The gigs were well worth the wait! If you missed the Crüe this time around you better get your act together! All in all…A JOB WELL DONE!

Anna Crampton
Riff Raff
December, 1989
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