Revenge Recommends: "Child In Time" by Deep Purple

In memory of Jon Lord, who passed away on Monday the 16th of July in London at the age of 71.

Lord was the backbone of Deep Purple. He was instrumental in founding the band in 1968 and, along with drummer Ian Paice, was part of every single Deep Purple line-up. As a child he studied classical piano and as a young man in London in the 1960s he eked out a living playing in jazz and blues combos.

His influence in Deep Purple helped to elevate the band's sound onto a higher and more ethereal plain. This is demonstrated best in Child In Time, where the standard electric blues bash of hard rock is given an added dignity by Lord's majestic keyboard playing.

In his last years, he turned to composing classical music.

Revenge of Riff Raff
17th July, 2012

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