Revenge Recommends: "Inner Circle" by The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead are a psychedelic rock quartet from Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in early 2010. They have played a large amount of gigs in and around Glasgow since forming. They also collaborated with Can legend Damo Suzuki live in 2011, acting as his 'soundcarriers.' A recent feature on the band by Zero Tolerance magazine described the band by saying that "If the rings of Saturn could sing, this is the sound they would make."

"The Cosmic Dead are four psychedelic warlords from Glasgow with a penchant for trippy, long-form grooves that summon the spirit of Komische legends such as Neu! and Can and the Space-Prog oscillations of Hawkwind, amongst other trance-inducing influences." - Phantom Channel

"A half hour of uninterrupted, free-flowing stoner majesty with four band members so involved in their art that they might well have been playing in outer space for all they notice the open-mouthed cluster of spectators blown like trees in a gale before some utterly huge riffs" - The Skinny (Live review)

"Spacial exploration rather than the psychiatric breakdown. cologne rather than altamont." - Cows Are Just Food

"Inner Circle" comes from their self-released digital album "Psychonaut" (2011), a compilation of early jams / rehearsal room recordings & "various other ditties" from 2010. You can download this album for free [here].
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