Album Review: Diesel Park West, "Decency"

With the superb All The Myths On Sunday well behind them, DIESEL PARK WEST are always going to find it hard to match a song like that. Decency I am afraid proves the point.

As a second album it holds its own but never manages to evolve into anything bigger. There's nothing wrong with it. The arrangements are okay, the harmonies well delivered, and the guitar sound is jangly and pretty nice. John Butler sings like he means it and does muster some nice moods but somehow in the end I never really get to care.

For all its well-built structure and careful production, Decency always sounds like one good idea stretched to the limit. With only one recognisable songwriter in the band DPW sound like they've found a sound and they're sticking with it. Adventurous they're not. Still, I like Fall To Love, and their intentions are good. All a bit lacklustre in the end though. Grade C

Mike Harris
Riff Raff
March, 1992
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