Album Review: Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair "Words of Wisdom and Hope"

Jad who? I hear you ask. Well, the lyricist and singer on this quirky collaboration with the Scottish guitar poppers is an obscure offbeat American musician and visual artist whose approach to painting and music is basically one of child-like innocence. The cute cover art is therefore a good indication of what to expect inside.

Sounding like a candy-store Lou Reed, Jad Fair talks-more-than-sings his screwball cartoon lyrics against TFC's excellent musical backing. Just like when we were 11, Frankenstein and Superman constantly get name checked. Once the mild irritation factor wears off, you realize that it's actually very effective, as on the rocking Crush On You, where Jad sings: "Well, if your looking for a love song/ you've come to the right place." Or the hilarious Always In My Heart, where he admits, "I might not be a Beatle/ but I've got needs like a Beatle/ All I need is love."

Colin Liddell
Tokyo Journal
April, 2002
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