Revenege Recommends: "Art of Flying" by Lady Pank

For those wishing to learn about Polish rock a good place to start is "Sztuka latania" (Art of Flying), a song by the popular Polish rock band Lady Pank. My best guess is that the song comes from 1985, appearing on a compilation album in that year. The easy mid-tempo of the song never becomes boring thanks to an effective angular and echoey guitar sound. The lyrics have a touch or angst, reflecting either the horrors of Communism or the stroppiness of youth.

Lyrics (in English):

You ask me again, which letter of yours is it?

To write you back, if I only could
What progress I made today
In the art of flying, the hardest of art

Every morning I'm riding an elevator almost to the roof

There's a high building here in the neighborhood
I keep thinking everyday, looking from it at the world
What will happen, when I make that step

Last scream, swan tune

And still nothing in doll theater
Generally speaking - life is brutal
Except for this, everything is perfect

Yesterday I jumped, I had wings like a bird

Everybody has felt this once in their life I think
Someone suddenly screamed: "Everyone would want that!"
Something grabbed me and pulled me down

Last scream, swan tune...

Last scream, swan tune...

(Life is brutal)

Except for this, everything is perfect.
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