Video Review: Testament, "Seen Between The Lines"

Music videos are hard to do, some of them turn out really good, a few are excellent and many are a disappointment. TESTAMENT's new video entitled Seen Between The Lines falls in the last category.

Running at an hour long, it has live footage off their February '91 US tour spliced abruptly with backstage antics and interview snippets. The live footage was, frankly, lame – the sound quality was dreadful and tinny. It was filmed with the quality of a poor bootleg.

The interview blurbs and pre- and after-show shots were often pointless: a shot of puking, a shot of a tattoo, at least thirty tour glimpses of the band and entourage giving the finger, spliffs, groupies – all mixed together in a hodge-podge with no direction. Sadly, the best two bits were Chuck Billy falling over a monitor onstage and a shot of Alex putting ear plugs in before a show.

The last fifteen minutes had a collection of their videos, Nobody's Fault, Practice What You Preach, Souls Of Black, and The Legacy. Regrettably, a tedious effort geared for the thirteen year old audience.

Marion Garden
Riff Raff
August, 1991

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