Album Review: Monster Magnet "Superjudge"

Dirty, black savage riffs come roaring out of the speaker. At times it seems as if Monster Magnet are trying to summon up El Diablo himself, as in Evil, though they never fall into the gruesome abyss of Death Metal, so beloved by church-burning fuckwits like Deicide, etc.

In fact, they're capable of the odd deft tuneful touch and - gasp! - self doubt on songs like Black Balloon, whilst the acoustic driven Cage Around the Sun casts aside sharp, sardonic observations before they erupt again. Unashamedly retro, using Sabbath, Hendrix, and Twilight Zone rock, with a smattering of Eastern promise, they nevertheless do their dark, druggy, and abrasive thing like they mean it. GRADE B

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
July, 1993
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