Album Review: Motörhead, "The Wörld Is Yours"

The hard rock/heavy metal camp has had a few big fatalities recently – not least Ronnie James Dio and Gary Moore. It gets you thinking, dead pool style, about who will be next, and should prompt us to appreciate more deeply some of the elder statesmen of rock while we still can.

Given that Lemmy is now old enough to pick up his free bus pass, every album he releases from now on should be cherished as possibly his last, because he’s never going give us warning by slowly fading away, but rather, in true rock n' roll style, die with his boots on. From the rockabilly squall of Get Back in Line, which takes a well-deserved swipe at the financial sector, to the droning, Sabbathesque menace of the ironically titled Brotherhood of Man, this album represents some of Motörhead's best work.

The band's evident insistence on rocking hard and maintaining standards suggests that the only dip in quality Motörhead will ever see is when Old Gravelchops is dealt the final ace of spades by the Grim Reaper.

Colin Liddell
Revenge of Riff Raff
28th February, 2011
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