Video Review: Yes, "Greatest Video Hits"

YES may be considered by some to be leftovers from a bygone age when indulgence and the art of making good, intelligent music was the norm; an ancient relic that many wouldn’t own up to liking while secretly admiring their persistence and originality.

Having seen the YES Shows '91 touring circus a mere month ago and having been blown away by the sheer musical ability and the professionalism of their stage shows, it was even more of a pleasure to scan through this, their Greatest Video Hits.

Although YES were primarily considered a '70s supergroup the majority of the videos here mostly reflect their contribution to music in the ’80s. From the 'Buggled' punkiness of Tempus Fugit and Into The Lens to the razor sharp rock of the 'Rabinized' Hold On and Owner Of A Lonely Heart. YES deliver the riffs as well as any.

For seventies trippers YES invite us into the fantasy world of Wondrous Stories and Madrigal, whilst the green-tinged inflections of Don't Kill The Whale provide a backdrop for a strong political stance from when it was unhip to say such things. Only in the '90s has the 'green' issue actually become relevant remember.

A video for anyone who considers themself a fan of the band and also an insight into their more commercial songwriting talents. None of these tracks last Topographic time scales. It's all in there are just waiting to happen as you plug yourself in for a slice of history.

A tribute to musical progression!

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
August 1991
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