Album Review: Therapy? "Nurse"

This is a thoroughly nasty little dose of psychotic techno-Punk from the much-touted Ulstermen. It's also a faintly bewildering record, not just because of their neurotic mish-mash of styles, but because it veers from the intensely irritating through to the darkly subliminal.

The latter, in the shape of Accelerator and the sparse and messy Toothgrinder really grates on the nerve ends. But you can just about forgive 'em, with barbed gems like Disgraceland, epic in a punky sort of way. Hypermania, with its bubbling, hard-assed funk, and their piece de resistance Gone, hypnotic and melodic. The song is offset by a menacing undercurrent of twisted eerie effects. In need of Therapy? Well then, they just might exorcise your demons and "Nurse" you back to health. But then again... Grade C+

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
May 1993
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