Revenge Recommends: "The National Front Disco" by Morrissey

One of the best Morrissey songs from his long and erratic solo career is the controversially named The National Front Disco, a boisterous, rollicking song with a mournful edge from his 1992 album Your Arsenal. Not only does it name check a small British nationalist party that was once upon a time involved in yobbish street politics and is still routinely described by the politically correct British media as "Fascist" and "Neo-Nazi," but the song also includes the refrain "England for the English," a common sense slogan that only an anti-English racist would take offence at.

Of course, Morrissey's stock-in-trade is the ironically delivered dead-pan lyric, so ambiguity surrounds the song's intended meaning. It is easy to see how the verve with which it is sung here at this 2007 performance from the Hollywood Bowl could be misinterpreted as tangential support of the views of the National Front, with Morrissey possibly channelling the regrets that any working class White Briton would feel about the disaster of multi-culturalism. However, this is unlikely because (1) Morrissey is gay, (2) he is of Irish extraction, and (3) he has always espoused soft left views like most people in the music business. In particular, he is well-known as a vegetarian.

Of course, the fact that he is a gay, Irish-descended vegetarian could also dispose him towards an interest in "fascism." Hitler, after all, was also a vegetarian and there is a long track record of gays and people or Irish extraction being fascinated by fascism, although it would be inaccurate to describe the National Front as "fascist," as this is mainly a media smear. 

A more likely explanation, however, is that the song describes a family concerned about their son being attracted to nationalist politics.


David, the wind blows

The wind blows...
Bits of your life away (nice try)
Your friends all say...
"Where is our boy ? Oh, we've lost our boy"
But they should know
Where you've gone
Because again and again you've explained
You're going to...

Oh, you're going to...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
"England for the English!
England for the English!"

David, the winds blow

The wind's blown...
All of my dreams away
And I still say:
"Where is our boy ?
Ah, we've lost our boy"
But I should know
Why you've gone
Because again and again you've explained
You've gone to the...

National, oh ...

To the National...
There's a country; you don't live there
But one day you would like to
And if you show them what you're made of

But David, we wonder

We wonder if the thunder
Is ever really gonna begin
Begin, begin
Your mom says :
"I've lost my boy"
But she should know
Why you've gone
Because again and again you've explained
You've gone to the :


To the National
To the National Front Disco
Because you want the day to come sooner
You want the day to come sooner
You want the day to come sooner

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