Album Review: My Life With The Kill Thrill Kult "Sexplosion"

When I was a young larvae, I used to think that music without the classic Heavy Rock guitar was like a man without a dick. But - Hey Dude! - I just realised that good ol' chest-thumping Rock n' Roll ain't exactly the sexiest form of music ever created (unless you're a babe, maybe). That's why I was so pleased to receive Sexplosion by My Life With The Kill Thrill Kult from East West records.

If playful, sleazzzzzy Latino Funk Disco Grunge is not a completely alien concept to you, you might find space in your lifestyle for this. With titles like Sex On Wheelz and Mystery Babylon you could be tempted to put on an Armani suit, climb in your Porsche, and go down to Browns, where you could have a Martini Built For 2, meet your Dream Baby, and join The International Sin Set. As for me, I made do with a cold shower and a vigorous rub-down with a flannel.

The Fly
Riff Raff
May, 1993
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