Album Review: Galactic Cowboys "Space in Your Face"

In the future, according to Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, a band with a name as refreshingly dumb as the "Wyld Stallyons" is going to rule the world. There must be something of the same naive approach in a band with a name like Galactic Cowboys!

But although Americans may often be dumb they’re not always stupid. Despite the willful use of cliches in the lyrics, the odd Beatlesque voice distortion, and undigested bits of 70s rock floating around in the mix, this is an interesting and clever album that cracks the egg of melodic harmonies into the frying pan of hard, thrashy riffing. Check out No Problems. The key to this weird balance is the flexible rhythm backbone. Dumb is what you do to have fun like bungee jumping or having a sex without a condom. Stupid is a whole lot duller. Party on dudes!   Grade C+

Riff Raff
July, 1993

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