Album Review: Pearl Jam, "Ten"

With members culled from MOTHER LOVE BONE and TEMPLE OF THE DOG Pearl Jam's Ten is a most anticipated release. Even the normally staid MTV has been lured into giving the Alive video heavy daytime rotation!

The album boasts eleven tracks, each track bar one, the second track Even Flow, given a singular title. Don't expect the tunes to be short and snappy. Each is intense, wrapping itself around your system in ebbing and flowing movements. 

The lyric to the aforementioned Alive seems a tad crass, when bearing in mind the death of MLB vocalist Andrew Wood, what with its swirling chorus of "I'm Still Alive." That apart the song is in fine shape. Jeremy for me is the pick of the set, its soaring vocals singling the track out.

Overall, though, taking the album as a whole, there isn't too much diversity, but it isn't the classic I was led to believe. Despite my few misgivings PEARL JAM could well be the first Sub-Pop band to break out into the mainstream. Yes, SOUNDGARDEN included.

Joe Mackett
Grade B
March 1992
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