Album Review: Giant, "Last of the Runaways"

Out of America come Giant with their A&M debut. It's a typically American effort, with much of the material drawing on many AOR influences. But, all the same, it's good stuff since the music has a rowdier edge than that produced by the majority of their contemporaries. The sheer force of tracks such as I'm a Believer (the first single), Shake Me Up, and The Big Pitch simply blows you away with healthy injections of power-crunching riffs.

Keyboard man Alan Pasqua provides a solid background organ that brings out the songs in full. Guitarist and singer Dan Huff is a maestro of the hookline. Catchy numbers like I Can't Get Close Enough and No Way Out are definitive rock workouts with razor-sharp vocal harmonies, while the grooving stomp of Stranger To Me is pure rock power combined with musical virtuosity. One minute he's cranking up the power chords, next he's tearin' at your heart with melody. The fast/ up-tempo quirkiness of Innocent Days and Hold Back The Night should glide along the airwaves quite nicely thank you.

Mike Brignardello on bass and David Huff on drums provide a very formidable rhythm section. Most important though is the emphasis Giant put on writing good songs with a solid feel. You've just got to catch an earful of the album's three ballads, namely I'll See You In My Dreams, Love Welcome Home, and the Foreignerish It Takes Two to recognize just how classy the band can be. I'll warrant we see some of these songs in the American Top 10! Don't be put off by the name. These guys are professionals and mean business!

Mark Crampton
Riff Raff
May 1990
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