Album Review: Robert Plant "Fate of Nations"

Plant on the state of the planet? Sort of. The cover, sleevenotes and some of the lyrics do preoccupy themselves with such weighty issues as Western propaganda in the Middle East and ecology. Irrespective, this is arguably, Golden Throat's finest ever solo effort.

Rob not only turns on some Led Zep epic 'cock' rock, ala Calling To You and the sensual psychedlia of Memory Song, but melts in a rich, textured stew of styles that drapes itself around ethereal Celtic folk and sophisticated pop, as well as dabbling with Indian Ragga rhythms. To pull it off he's brought in a clutch of respected musos, including that lass from Clannad and classical violinist Nigel Kennedy. The bottom line is that the songs are strong, epitomized by the REM-tinged soft rock of 29 Psalms or the shimmering romanticism of The Greatest Gift. Unlike Coverdale/ Page, Plant's approach is more subtle, varied and ultimately more intelligent. Well, unlike Coverdale, at least the ole trouper doesn't sing about his dick all the bloody time!   GRADE A

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
July, 1993
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