Album Review: BB Steal, "On the Edge"

BB Steal are another Aussie band having a go at the world stage. And strangely, the band claim influences from AC/DC and LED ZEPPELIN. Why is this strange? Because the album has no edge whatsoever! In fact BB STEAL sound a lot like a poor man's DEF LEPPARD.

Axeman Phi Collen's involvement with the project (he's responsible for the production) has hallmarked their sound. Phil does a good job, technically. But ultimately what you have is a load of very tame AOR; nice little songs with nice little harmonies that your parents would probably go for.

The only song worth a mention is Live It Up, merely because it sounds so much like ROBERT PALMER's Addicted To LOve. It's unreal!

BB STEAL should really be filed away under 'bland' Pop music. Where's the heart and soul? Where's the expression? Where's the eject button? Spare me!  GRADE E

Billy Kulke
Riff Raff
March 1992
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